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Circle of Fear strives to hand out loot in a fair manner for every progression raid. Our system is simple. We use the in game loot box. Need = Main Spec, Greed = Off Spec, Dis-Enchant we do not use, If the gear is not appropriate for your Class/Specs then simply Pass. If a person receives an item for Main Spec they will be tracked. If they roll need again and win the roll against another, the loot will be awarded to the the next highest roller to ensure fair loot distribution. This does not affect bonus rolls. Even though you may win an item and another drops that is an upgrade, roll for it anyway. We just maintain a list that resets each raid of who receives loot to ensure fair loot distribution. It is still possible to receive multiple upgrades in a single raid.

BoE: The Guild does not recognize any version of an Auction House AH spec. All BoE's go to the Guild Bank. They are managed by the Master Looter Officer (currently Kanuk), they are to be equipped if they are an upgrade on the spot. If you have interest for an Alt then after the raid contact our Master Looter (Kanuk) and he will arrange appropriate transaction. For Guild members they are reduced by 25%. For example, if item A is 1000g on the AH then for Guild Members it would be sold to them for 750g. All funds go directly to the Guild Bank.

New Recruits / Members returning from a long absence. New recruits (in this case specifically testing out the raid but still not Guilded with CoF) are on a trial basis. They are entitled to loot in progression raids, however, Tier Tokens are reserved for current Guild raiding members. Members returning after missing over 3 weeks of raiding with no known date of return fall into the same category until raid attendance becomes more consistent. This is to ensure that gear is going to those putting in the constant effort first while allowing others that are in the above categories to still receive upgrades.
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