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Circle of Fear, Horde, Area 52 (formerly of Argent Dawn) - US, as of 14 Dec 2015 7/7 Heroic Highmaul, 10/10 Normal BRF, 9/10 Heroic BRF, and 10/13 H HFC. We are primarily a Progressive Raiding Guild with a Casual element. We like to have fun but when its time to get serious that's what we do. We are competitive by nature and are proud of our accomplishments. We don't put up with BS or drama. Two rules are the main pillars to hold us true to who we are. Real Life first, always! No Drama, no way! We are mature minded and get along well. We are working towards Heroic content and are preparing for Mythic Warlords of Draenor Raiding.

Time and people come and go. Its the ebb and flow of MMOs and its unavoidable. People have their reasons, life has its reasons. But we are a family within this Guild and we come together to achieve common goals. Goals are End Game Content, Achievements, Social Interaction, and PvP. None of these however are possible without the efforts of our fellow Guild members. Most of us play this game to enjoy it with others and we have chosen to enjoy it with our CoF family. Our ultimate goal is not to be the World's first or even the Server's first. While those distinctions would be nice, those aren't priorities. Our goals are to be competitive throughout this expansion and the next. To be known and respected. To be ranked and to be proud. Proud of who we are and what we have accomplished. What we have accomplished as a group, as a team, and as a Guild. With this mindset, with this focus, we will not only have fun, but we will kick ass. Everyone will know who we are for all the right reasons. We don't have room for individuals. If you have managed to spell team with an "I" then don't apply, or leave, because Circle of Fear doesn't have room for people with that kind of mentality. Reliable Team Players wanted.

What kind of players do we want? Reliable, Mature, Fun Loving, and Talented. With all of that there is an understanding that must be reinforced. Real Life ALWAYS has priority. Without what you do behind that computer screen you would not be able to enjoy this game with the rest of us. So if things come up, take care of it. If you can, please let us know. We need reliable people to progress as a Guild. The other 9 or 24 players need you to be there for them as you need them to be there for you. If you want to raid and you want to do it alone, in a PuG group on a frequent basis, your not reliable. Please find another home as your achievements or frustrations in raiding as an individual are not conducive to a team atmosphere. Mature players wanted because they understand that tomorrow is still coming. They wont rage when things get tough. They generally have a better understanding of whats going on now and down the road. Fun Loving players are essential to a great atmosphere. Why play stressed and uptight? It is a game after all. Have fun, tell jokes, make the game interesting while your enjoying the challenging parts of it. Talented is important. Many players are a jack of all trades and a master of none. Find that class or two that you enjoy and master it. Get good at it, know it in & out. Be versatile, be an asset.
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